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****Bug where game freezes if your POWER dips below 400.  You get closer and closer to the sun as your POWER decreases until you die at 0.  All that happens when you die is it saves the stats for that run, adds it to your total stats, and sends you to the main menu.  So that is all you are missing.  You can still win just fine!  Please still play and rate what you can!  I will fix and update it after all the voting (this is a submission for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam and the GM48 Jam) so as not to cheat.  Sorry everyone :(

****Also, this was made with GMS 1.4 so it has a fullscreen bug if you have the latest updates with Windows 10.  So if you want fullscreen just run the EXE in compatibility mode for Windows 8 or 7 and it should then work fine.



A/D - Move
E - Eject 100 Humans
MOUSE1 - Fire Laser
ESC - Pause

You need POWER to outrun the sun.  Get POWER by using your laser on satellites or other human ships.  POWER drains over time.  The rate is increased by moving, being hit by obstacles (asteroids, satellites, alien laser shots), and by the amount of humans you have on board.

You can also destroy aliens and asteroids with the laser.


ALIENS ATTACK!  Humanity has managed to hold on and in
complete desperation the aliens have done the unthinkable!
They have caused our sun to supernova!

You have managed to escape on your mining vessel and are
trying to outrun the sun's wrath!  Can you manage to get 
to the safe zone and escape?  Can you save humanity?  Or
is this the end...

You decide who lives and who dies.  How many will you save?

Install instructions

Just extract the EXE and run it.


Sol_of_Humanity.zip 8 MB

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